The law has come into force

In the Kaliningrad region from now on, on April, 1st, 2006, the Federal law "About the Special economic zone" comes into force. As have informed the correspondent of news agency REGNUM in the press-service of the regional government, according to this law of the Kaliningrad region becomes territory on which the special legal regime of realization of economic, industrial, investment and other activity operates.

The law provides introduction of the special status of residents of a special economic zone. The resident the legal body registered and conducting the basic economic activities in territory of the Kaliningrad region, included in the uniform register of residents, and realizing the investment project with volume of capital investments not less than 150 million roubles, in time, not exceeding three years from the date of decision-making on inclusion of the legal person in the register can be.

Concerning the legal bodies who were carrying out the activity on the basis of the old law from 1996 "About the Special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region", the transition period within 10 years operates. In this transition period at release for the free reference of products of processing of the goods imported according to a customs mode of a free customs area, the customs duties and taxes aren't paid, if the goods correspond to criteria of sufficient processing.

In a special economic zone the special order of payment is applied by residents of the profit tax and the tax to property of the organizations (the first 6 years - the rate of the tax of 0 %, with 7 for 12 years - the tax rate is reduced by 50 %). Other taxes and tax collections are paid according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The order of obligatory sale of a part of a currency gain in the internal currency market of the Russian Federation doesn't extend on receipts of the legal bodies which state registration is carried out in the Kaliningrad region and which receive a gain in foreign currency from export of goods (works, services) and (or) results of the intellectual activity, made (created) in the Special economic zone.

For entrance to the Kaliningrad region foreign citizens - representatives of residents, investors, and also the persons invited for discussion of possibilities of cooperation in a special economic zone, - the government of the Russian Federation establishes the simplified order of registration of visas. It provides possibility of their registration to the specified categories of foreign citizens directly in a check point through frontier of the Russian Federation at entrance to the Kaliningrad region.

Making comments on this law, governor George Boos has declared to journalists that this document "translates us from a mode of the customs offshore in a mode инвестиционно attractive region where it is favourable to put up money and to create workplaces, instead of simply to be registered in area, and business to conduct in other places". As he said, after law introduction the Kaliningrad region should cease to be "gate" for duty-free import of import.

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