The information for sceptics

There is nothing difficult in participation, there is nothing more dangerous in a management and there is nothing more uncertain in success of introduction of the new order of things. Because for the INNOVATOR enemies become all THOSE who was a success in old conditions and indifferent observers - who can be a success in new conditions. Nikkolo Makiavelly.

The one who searches for millions, rather seldom finds them, but the one who does not search for them, - does not find never! The Rothschild

"I will do today that will not do the majority, therefore tomorrow I will have that the majority will not have". Rendi Gejdzh

There is one field of knowledge blanks in which we cannot admit. This comprehension of our own uniqueness. If we only knew ourselves — the forces, the possibilities, the advantages we never any more would not began to doubt the ability to provide to ourselves the best future. Jim Ron

"Ability to communicate with people is the goods which can be bought in the same way as we buy sugar or coffee … and I will begin to cry for such ability more than for something another on light»
John Devison Rockefeller, the American billionaire"

Your well-being depends on your own decisions
John Devison Rockefeller, the American billionaire

Money is the freedom shaped from gold. Erih Maria Remarque.

Time and money are mostly interchangeable. Winston Churchill